Blessed season unto you beloved ones in Christ! Today, we will deal partly on how to build fruitful relationships, ranging from our friendship circles to marriage.

You see, man is made up of three main components: spirit, soul and body. Well, the Christian is essentially a spiritual being for he/she’s received eternal Life, Zoe, the God-kind of Life, into his/her spirit and, thus, he/she became a new creation, bearing immortality. However, man dwells still upon the earth, through his/her earthly tabernacle, his/her body and has to deal with his similar on a daily basis. This latter depends on man’s emotions and state of mind[dealing with the soul] and, from thence, he/she is able to establish relationships of any form with his/her fellow man.

So, apart from being a spiritual being, a Christian is also a SOCIAL being: he lives in society and has to do with people on a daily basis. With this fore-knowledge, how can we build effective relationships?

Well, before giving that Answer, we’ve got to draw wisdom and counsel from our lives in Christ. You see, the kind of relationship we’ve got with Daddy God, tells about how our relationship with our fellow men shall be. If there’s such intense and intimate union and communion with the LORD, His loving being and nature saturates you, enabling you to reflect His nature, towards others, already in your recreated spirit; communicating His love effectively to others…in Word and in deed. Thus, the fundamental concept for blessed relationships is to have such intimate Relationship with Daddy God. Learn to speak and share your all with Him. Oh, He desires to share every moment with you; He enjoys to spend His ‘time’ with you; He wants to draw closer to you, and cause you to comprehend ever deeper His unconditional and eternal Love to you-wards. Your growing relationship with Daddy God will help you in all other kinds of relationships that you’re involved in, for you learn to walk in love as He, Love-personified, teaches you to grow in Him, even by His Spirit. Yes, for you learn to walk in your nature, Love, as you dwell in His loving Presence and, thus, pour out that Love unto others.

The LORD’s saying: ‘come, let us REASON together’ (Isaiah 1:18a). Praise the LORD! How loving to know that Daddy God desires to commune ALWAYS with us. Come in His gates with thanksgiving, and His courts with praise; approach the throne of Grace boldly and obtain mercy and receive ever grace, daily and always. Speak WITH Him, not only TO Him: that is, learn to listen to Him, even as you speak with Him, for it’s a Dialogue, not a monologue[whereby, only you speak].

Now, let’s take another step forward. Good. As we learn to commune and communicate clearly and effectively, truly and intimately with and to our heavenly Father, by His Spirit in us, we will learn to speak and communicate His love wisely in the physical unto others.
In the context of marriage, COMMUNICATION is so paramount for its success. I decide to emphasize on its importance in marriage because if there’s lack of communication, it could bring about misunderstanding and co.

You see, whenever Communication is effective, constant and truthful, it will be ‘Mission Impossible’ for the enemy to pour the poison of quarrel and discord. Why? Here’s where the wonderful secret lies…COMMUNICATION: it’s about you expressing yourself lovingly and truthfully to others; expressing yourself tenderly,wisely and truly to your spouse, even when you both don’t agree on certain things: in that way, you both will reach a point of accord. Learn to speak truthfully and openly, with no shadow of suspect and fear, with your spouse, if there be anything that worries you. Why? Because when you, as a husband/wife, begin to hold any form of hidden grudge against your partner, that builds a reservoir of bitterness, till it degenerates to unforgiveness, be you Holy Spirit-.filled Then, anything that he/she does begins to irritate you and, thus, can spark your anger against him/her. What’s the next thing? ‘He abused me verbally and slapped me!’, she said crying. ‘She so insulted me!!’, he’d say. What sad situation children of God! Such could have been avoided, if couples act wisely by building an ever growing, open and loving channel of communication between themselves.

Be it known unto you that when you begin to hold grudges against your spouse, you so get easily irritated by any little and marginal error he/she commits…it’d seem as if he/she committed the ‘unpardonable sin’. Why? Because there’s already bitterness in you, born out of ineffective and immature communication. Where’s the Love of Christ that should saturate your heart and home?

So, dear children of God, learn to express yourselves openly and frankly in the Love of Christ to your spouses. Perhaps, there’s something that sickens you of your spouse, tell him/her about it in LOVE, and you both will surely sought it out. Let your spouse be your special best friend: tell him/her always everything, hide nothing from him/her, so that no evil seed will grow in your relationship.

In short, COMMUNICATION must be carried out in LOVE. If you love your spouse indeed, your words to him/her-wards will spring from love.

So, put this Key in practice and experience your relationships and marriage enter a new and higher dimension of sweetness and happiness. Yes, as you learn to communicate intimately and lovingly with Daddy God, you’re enabled to relate and communicate lovingly and wisely with your spouse, children, friends and co.

I pray that the LORD gives you greater understanding about how vital communication so that your relationships grow in the love of Christ and bear lasting fruit in Jesus’ name, amen. I love you all, shalom!






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