How refreshing is it to dwell in Thee
Yes, for the light of Thy countenance
Has shone tenderly upon my heart
The effulgence of Thy beauty
Has enraptured my heart
And now till eternity
All I see is You
How renewing is Thy Word unto me
Yes, it shines unto every part in me
And revives my whole being
The power of Thy Word has no comparison
For it is You
You shine far and ever brighter than the sun’s splendor
The glory of Thy presence maketh me speechless
For it’s ever beyond words…
Full of grace and truth
And therein, I long to ever dwell with Thee
LORD, Thou art more life-giving than the air I breathe
Everything declares Your ever presence
All creation recognizes Your authority
Who dares to challenge the Lion of Judah?
Who is He that claims to be if Thou hasn’t said so?
Oh, let all that trust in Thee shout joyfully
For the LORD Our God has dealt graciously with us
O Zion, awake and make a joyful noise
Unto the King of kings…
For only Him is worthy! 



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March 31, 2014 · 8:09 pm

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