Do you really need to wait for someone to tell you…

How beautifully..
How wonderfully…
How perfectly the LORD has made you?
As in…you’ve been fashioned in such unique and irreplaceable manner!
For God invested time in making you…
He designed every part of you carefully ‘n’ perfectly
He molded you in such uncommon way
And breathed His life into you!

There is no other person like you on earth
And there will never be!
Why? Why, you’re the very unique expression of Him here on earth!
You rep. Him in such peculiar way
When people see you…
They see God thru you
For you’re made in His image and after His likeness!

Come on, Christ thought it more than RIGHT to lay down His life for you
Above all creation…
He decided to give His life for you ’cause He loves you!
Like…can’t you see how much you worth?

So, let not dead and vain words shake nor mar you
For you’re an ambassador of Christ here on earth…
The Jesus that men can see, alleluia!




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