Blessings to all my beloved Readers, forgive me for my inconsistency. Well, I am back by the strength of the Lord. Here is today’s concept, even as follows…

…Question: “Is there a specific person that God has designed for you to marry…

…Or is it just all about affinity between two persons?”

ANSWER: Greetings in Christ, I’d to convey God’s heart regarding this popular quest on the heart of most believers.I will try to be brief and, at the same time, concise.
We need to look at all things from God’s perspective, for that will give us a new vista of how things should be done, rather than how we “think” things should be done.
In the context of marriage, just like it equally concerns all other spheres of life, what really counts is God’s divine agenda. Amen? Now, in the light of this, this should make us see marriage from the eyes of the Father.
You see, everything was created for the pleasure of our heavenly King. Before the foundations of the world, God had already designated His eternal plan for mankind(please underline the word “eternal”). That plan of God is unbendable and unchangeable, and – at the same time – it doesn’t depend invariably on a particular man. Come rain, come sunshine, God’s divine plan must be made express! May the eyes of your understanding be enlightened to understand this.
God’s will is permanent and eternal, and yet not dependent on a particular person! Bringing this into marriage, it takes up this shape: of course God has fashioned someone in particular for you, however if the other party refuses to adhere to God’s divine counsel, God won’t force such one. Why? God doesn’t depend on a particular person to fulfil His eternal agenda.
When Saul disobeyed God, David was found; when Elijah thought he had accomplished the maximum and wanted to die as a result of fear, God commanded him to anoint Elisha in his stead; when Moses missed it at the very end, God appointed Joshua as the leader of the people of Israel. So, this makes us see that notwithstanding man’s disobedience and ego, God’s agenda MUST be advanced on earth, as it is in heaven.
Marriage itself isn’t for mere companionship and procreation,it is a piece of God’s divine plan put into display so to foster His divine purpose for mankind. Yes, that is why I believe firmly that every marriage must hinge on a divine plan. If two persons have no basis of agreement as regarding the primary goal and vision for getting married, there aren’t ready to settle down.
At the very end of the day, what counts is the eternal fruit we produced during our pilgrimage upon the earth. Amen? Every sphere of your life must rotate around God’s divine agenda for you. If you fail to sow the right seeds, you will reap nothing in eternity. Every facet of your life is a seed that must be sown into the soil of eternity, so to have stature in this life and in the life to come.
Pardon me for the digression. Getting back to our question. Now, that is why it is so important that a man/a woman lives submitted to the will of God for him/her. Don’t think of yourself as too special, and so God can’t do at least of you. No! He can, if you are disobedient to His will. Thus, humble yourself and receive His precious plan for you, that finds roots in His eternal agenda: the mystery of Christ and the Church.
My advice: remain submitted to the Lordship of the Holy Spirit and see Him lead you upon God’s perfect will for you.

~ “I pray that you be submitted to the Holy Spirit indeed, so that God’s will shall find expression in you during your pilgrimage upon the earth in Jesus’ name, amen. Love you all!”



Mirella Ejiugwo


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  1. This is so true..every marriage founded on God is meant to fufil a purpose, a divine plan..may we not miss it in Jesus Name,amen

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