The Heart of a Yearning Deborah: Revival



Greetings in Christ to You!

Earliest hours of the dawn, typing this piece. Why the “night watch”? My heart has been actively brooding over a serious matter! Yes, I don’t know how serious it may be to you; however – to me -it is the most meaningful thing in this life: REVIVAL.

I know, we were born and/or raised in the Western world…legally established and can rightfully partake of every privilege accrued to our European citizenship. Yet, we are in a time where the move of God is most needed in the European continent. A terrible spiritual coldness is spreading all over the face of Europe. Yes, in my heart I perceive the voice of God calling out onto US! I see Him shaking the tides of our hearts, to quicken us to His very direction… to yearn for Him as never before. I know, we are baptized in the Holy Ghost…speaking in tongues. I know, we believe what God says. I know, we have a soft spot for God in our heart. I know, I know and I know! Yet, all these attributes cannot suffice us to subvert the quickly expanding contagious coldness in Europe. It takes divine and refined fire to take the land. Truly, the earth is the LORD’s and the fullness thereof, the world and all that dwell therein. However, God is seriously seeking for a messenger to send that will announce His person and take the nations for Him! Furthermore, to be a messenger, you surely need to be SENT…bearing a MESSAGE.

Oh, the message! The message of the Gospel! The message of Salvation, accompanied with miracles, signs and wonders.

This message cannot be delivered with lukewarm Christianity, but a living faith generated by the power of the Holy Spirit. Remember, Jesus Christ didn’t begin His earthly ministry with merely the baptism of the Holy Spirit. No, being full of the Holy Ghost, He was led by the Spirit into the wilderness – wherein He fasted, prayed, overcame temptations and was ministered unto by angels – and then emerged thereof in the POWER OF THE SPIRIT!

Dear Brother…dear Sister, that is what we need to take a spiritual legal hold of Europe. We have spoken enough…printed more than enough flyers…announced programmes, etc. It is the set time for God to announce Himself through us. It is written,the people shall be WILLING in the day of His power!

Let that Day be T-O-day. Do you want to partake of this spiritual legacy? Let’s come together and call upon the LORD of hosts. I’d like to initiate a prayer chain (made up of believers all over the European Economic Area preferably), to come together to call upon the name of the LORD via Skype. Kindly inbox me with your Skype details, and I will surely get back to you.









Minister Mirella


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